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  • Comprehensive IT service for business

    Comprehensive IT service for business

    Data security, ensuring business continuity, help for users, service
  • Local provider of global IT solutions

    Local provider of global IT solutions

    Equipment, software, networks, cloud services, emergency power supply, service packages
  • Advanced IT services

    Advanced IT services

    Implementations, migrations, audits, virtualization, clusters, data and network protection, work optimization
  • Designing IT solutions

    Designing IT solutions

    From concept, through design, calculations and valuations, to execution, implementation and operational support

Security and stable IT infrastructure for your company.
Start cooperation with a specialized and experienced IT company.

We will improve, modernize or design and build your company's IT infrastructure from scratch. We will organize efficient help for users. We will support your IT specialist in terms of competences and availability. Our offer includes advanced and proven IT solutions for business along with implementation services as well as permanent and comprehensive IT support services. Read more

We guarantee stable operation and safe development of your business

Our offer is a response to the most urgent and current problems of the companies that come to us. For the same reason, the offer is constantly updated to properly respond to new expectations of our current and future customers and to keep up with changes in technologies. Not without significance is the experience and competences that we develop with each year of our activity, which result in the fact that we not only know how to help, but also how to do it optimally. Currently the offer includes:

  • permanent, comprehensive IT service (IT outsourcing) - we will take care of your IT infrastructure or we will support and supplement your IT specialist, we will ensure quick response time and full availability, we will carry out internal security audit and advise on the most beneficial solutions. Our modular offer of comprehensive IT service includes several dozen services from which a proposal that exactly matches your needs is built. 
  • IT solutions - we will provide you with industry-recognized and proven solutions for building your IT infrastructure in the hardware, system, network, security and virtualization layers. In particular, we can offer you:
    • equipment - servers, arrays, backup systems, edge protection devices (UTM), managed network devices, computers, notebooks, printers and accompanying devices,
    • general purpose system and application software (server systems from the Windows Server family, Hyper-V and vSphere virtualization platforms, database and communication servers, remote work servers, backup software, remote work software, encryption, anti-virus and general-purpose office software,
    • cloud services such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, HaaS, BaaS and ready systems based on cloud infrastructure,
  • specialized IT services - we will help your IT specialist in the implementation of complex and specific tasks, which are performed quite rarely, and their implementation requires access to specialized tools, experience and knowledge in the field of optimization, anticipation and removal of difficulties. The most frequently performed specialist services include: design and selection of solutions, internal audits of security and correctness of the configurations used, implementation services, migrations, server and mass storage virtualization, configuration of server clusters, mass storage clusters, implementation of secure and multi-level backup solutions, helpdesk for IT specialists, post-implementation support, IT security, network virtualization, design, IT services related to GDPR. 

For more detailed information, select a product group and familiarize yourself with the details of our offer or contact us using the form.


Comprehensive IT Outsourcing for your company, checked by others.

Comprehensive IT service is a ready remedy for current problems and needs of enterprises. Effective and quick help for users, ensuring multifaceted security, 24-hour monitoring of critical elements of IT infrastructure, easy and quick access to specialists, competence and availability support, versatility of available services, reduction of risk and failure costs, maximum simplification of communication and settlements are only the selected benefits of cooperation with us.

IT outsourcing = Comprehensive IT service

If there is something we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in us doing it and we should hire someone to do this job better than we do.” – Henry Ford

What is the significance of secure and efficient IT infrastructure for the functioning of companies? Every year we observe an increasing dependence of the functioning of companies on an efficient IT infrastructure. Efficient infrastructure means not only work continuity and efficiency but also certainty of data security and conscious use of new solutions, aiming at continuous improvement of the company's efficiency, reducing costs and increasing competitiveness.

Even for small organizations, a comprehensive approach to all elements of IT infrastructure that affect a company's operations already exceeds the capabilities of a single person. The only rational solution is to combine the competence and many years of experience of the entire team of specialists. The construction and maintenance of own, multi-person IT departments is the domain of large organizations, while for the medium and small enterprises sector the optimal solution is to rent an IT team for a specific period of time and for specific activities. Depending on the size of the infrastructure, its complexity and scope of work, outsourcing concerns the support of your own IT specialist or independent takeover of all processes related to IT support. Bearing in mind that every organization should and wants to focus on developing and servicing the core business, IT Outsourcing is obviously the only natural solution, i.e. cooperation with an external service and resource provider to carry out tasks related to operating its own infrastructure computer.

The Computer Systems Center, based on the experience of many years of cooperation with companies in the SME sector, in response to reported customer needs as well as analyzing future technology development trends, has developed a unique and advanced IT Outsourcing service, which in our offer is called Comprehensive IT Service (KOI).

Start cooperation with a specialized and experienced IT company

Our cooperation begins with a meeting in which the possibilities and areas in which cooperation will be implemented are discussed. We check the needs and expectations of the customer, make a local vision, prepare, present and discuss the offer. Then we agree on the details of cooperation, determine organizational and formal matters. For our clients, we try to be more business partners than just a party to the contract. After starting cooperation, we carry out a detailed audit of the state of infrastructure, solutions used and the needs and plans of the future client. As a result, we are able to prepare appropriate action plans, select the scope and type of services provided and provide a cost estimate necessary to perform the work. Then we implement procedures and solutions to help the client contact us and cooperate. In the next step, we prepare technical documentation and carry out the necessary maintenance and cleaning work. During this time, we are also able to learn about the specifics of currently used solutions, identify third-party service providers and software, and work out procedures for cooperation with them. As a result of these activities we are ready to provide services in the response times assumed in the contract.

Service quote or additional questions - we'll be happy to answer them! Contact us.

What you can count on as part of IT outsourcing

Comprehensive IT Service is a constantly expanded package of several dozen complementary services that can be freely combined depending on the current needs and requirements of the client. Services covering the following processes enjoy the greatest interest of our clients:

  • Ongoing IT infrastructure management and administration of server systems.
  • Ensuring business continuity, ongoing software repairs and service.
  • Help for users in the field of current problems (helpdesk) implemented both remotely and at the place of use, thanks to which they can work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Preparation of organizational and technical solutions related to the requirement for personal data protection - implementation of the ASI function and implementation of the GDPR requirements (including UODO).
    Proactive infrastructure monitoring, counteracting the effects of failures thanks to overtaking symptoms. Broadly understood data protection including backup, archiving, data retention, transmission and disaster recovery protection.
  • Advising, consulting and actively participating in the development of a winning IT infrastructure development strategy.
  • Cloud services for the implementation of backup (BaaS), virtual infrastructure (IaaS) and backup infrastructure (site recovery) based on Microsoft Azure.
  • Cloud services for the supply of software solutions (SaaS) and software - eg Office 365.
  • Business Intelligence - business services including the implementation of new functionalities and solutions based on existing infrastructure, such as remote work, teamwork, Exchange, Sharepoint, Yammer and Skype for business.
  • Migration, virtualization, servers, storage systems, network solutions.
  • Broadly understood IT systems security.
  • Mobile device management and content filtering systems.
  • Taking over the role of the first line of support and related cooperation with third companies in the implementation of IT services.
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation and preparing periodic reports on the state of infrastructure and development policy.
  • securing data in the event of loss and uncontrolled access
  • control of emergency power supply systems
  • physical and logical maintenance
  • software update
  • hardware and software supplies
  • cooperation with suppliers of other IT solutions used
  • implementation of remote work systems and group work
  • solutions for data backup and retention
  • certificate support
  • VPN networks
  • staff training
  • creating documentation
  • wired and wireless networks
  • network protection and content filtering systems
  • anti-virus programs
  • online technical support for engineers in the areas of: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Networking & SAN Storage
  • support for critical elements failures in 24/7 mode
  • the opportunity to purchase hours for additional services, eg for the needs of application and server care
  • content filtering and management of network services
  • management of mobile devices
  • supply of consumables

Benefit Package

IT outsourcing, like other external services necessary for the functioning of any company, should be considered and seen from the perspective of the benefits they can bring and impact on the overall organization and functioning of the company. After a detailed and thorough analysis, it turns out that Comprehensive IT Service is not an unpleasant cost, but a well thought-out investment, which is at the same time a kind of insurance policy against the negative impact of IT problems on the company's operations. Among the benefits most frequently mentioned by our clients are:

  • Opportunity to focus on the core business by transferring all matters related to the functioning of the IT infrastructure to our company.
  • Increasing competitiveness through access to advanced technologies and new solutions to improve work organization and information flow.
  • Reduction of costs by eliminating downtime of both the entire infrastructure as well as individual devices or users.
  • Simple access to a competent and experienced team of engineers without the need for recruitment, training, the need for time-consuming search for service providers or the use of services of many companies.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity due to easy access to efficient and effective technical support as well as quick removal of failures.
  • Meeting formal requirements related to personal data protection procedures.
  • The ability to flexibly change the scope and amount of services provided.
  • Significant reduction or total liquidation of investment expenditure in connection with the possibility of using the cloud services provided by CSK as well as software and solutions accounted for according to current consumption.
  • Reducing the security risk of operations by introducing authorization systems for access to resources for users, data backup systems and software.
  • Reduction of expenditure on IT infrastructure due to better and more complete use of available resources.
  • Accurate knowledge of the IT systems used, their level of consumption and the use of specific resources through periodic reports on the state of infrastructure.
  • Unified, standardized technical documentation.
  • The possibility of accurate monitoring of the ongoing requests, their authorization thanks to the OTRS system implemented by CSK for the needs and for the convenience of our clients.
  • The certainty of getting an available and continuous service throughout the year.
  • Predictable and easily identifiable infrastructure maintenance costs

Flexible cooperation models

Choose the optimal cooperation model for you. Depending on the size of the infrastructure and whether the company has its own IT specialist, we offer different cooperation options.

Full service

Cooperation model addressed to clients with infrastructure up to 70-100 devices. The model assumes full IT service provided by the Computer Systems Center. Under this option, CSK is responsible for the entire infrastructure and performs all work independently, from server administration, through software update, assistance to users, data and network security, service and ongoing operation to technical documentation. The direct benefits of this cooperation model are:

  • One contact (one support line) for all IT problems
  • Saving costs associated with employing your own IT specialist,
  • Access to the knowledge and experience of the entire team
  • Full infrastructure monitoring 365/7/24
  • Constant and reliable service with proactive response to irregularities
  • A wide range of services

Hybrid variant

Variant of cooperation addressed to customers who have their own IT specialist. In this variant, CSK plays the role of the second computer scientist. His tasks are to relieve the first IT specialist from excess duties, ensuring continuity and availability in the event of his leave or other absence from work, supplementing competences. Under this option, CSK cooperates with an IT specialist in the scope of running IT infrastructure or takes over the service of selected areas. All activities are authorized by the first IT specialist who has full decision-making. The direct benefits of this cooperation model are:

  • Support for your own IT specialist without having to hire another one
  • Full infrastructure monitoring 365/7/24
  • Availability and comprehensiveness
  • Competence support
  • Flexible cooperation model

Selective service

The cooperation model under which CSK performs only strictly defined tasks, whose repetitive and continuous nature makes it an effective solution. Most often it is server administration, support and helpdesk for IT (post-implementation support), service and maintenance, support for users, etc. The model does not depend on the amount of equipment or whether the customer employs his own IT. The direct benefits of this cooperation model are:

  • Easy delegation to specific areas and processes
  • IT support (eg post-implementation support)
  • Improving activities in specific areas.

Team of professionals

In order to support your company responsibly, we have carefully selected a team of experienced IT engineers. Our team consists of IT enthusiasts who have the required knowledge and constantly develop their competences and can boast of experience.

180 years of IT experience

Two heads are better than one. And how about several heads at once? Take advantage of our team's vast experience. By adding up and adding up the seniority of all our technical department employees, we get impressive, collective over 180 years of experience in information technology. In this respect, it is difficult to find a specialist who could show similar experience.

27 years of presence in the industry

By entrusting us with your IT infrastructure, you can be sure that it will be in good hands. CSK has been operating since 1992, and thus we can say with confidence that in business we are a proven partner with many years of experience.

37 certificates and specializations

The technique does not stand still and is constantly developing, let alone one can say about the development of information technology. Our company and employees of the technical department have a number of constantly extended certificates and specializations, which are necessary for the correct and responsible performance of our clients' work. The main directions of development of our specializations are safety, continuity of work and stability. In the field of products, our specializations concern solutions of Microsoft, Dell, Fujitsu, Vmware, and Veeam.

Comfortable cooperation conditions

Do not waste time seeking help. External IT support should not only be competent and fast, but also convenient for customers and their employees. We have developed a number of organizational solutions to ensure the highest comfort of cooperation.

Dedicated guardian

Each of our clients receives a dedicated guardian who is responsible for communication and all formal and organizational matters related to cooperation. The guardian ensures quality and coordinates the activities of individual company departments in relation to our clients.

Selected team

We have a large team of IT engineers, but we know perfectly well that nobody likes such situations when calling a selected company every time we talk to a different, random person. That is why we separate small teams from our team that provide services to our clients. Thanks to this solution, the client is in practice served by an intimate team of several people, which allows better understanding, better communication and continuity of orders.

One support line

Modern IT systems are quite complex and provided by many independent suppliers. In the event of problems, it is often unclear whether the failure is on the side of the Internet provider, network, software or maybe on the hardware side. To this end, we implement our first and only support line for our clients. After receiving the notification, we identify the cause of the problem and take action together with the supplier of the selected item. As a result, the customer can send only one notification and can be sure that we will manage it accordingly.

Providing support

You stayed at work to perform urgent tasks and you had a failure? It won't be a problem with us. We also provide support outside of business hours, and for critical infrastructure elements we provide 24-hour monitoring.

24 h service requests

To get IT help you don't have to wait until the next day - you can send an application at any time. Our notification system works 24 hours a day. You can send requests for user support, incorrect work, or additional work depending on your personal preferences. In some cases, the system allows you to dictate a notification without having to enter its content.

Support after hours

Have you been longer at work and suddenly at 20 o'clock print problem appeared? Did you take work home for the weekend and can't connect to the server? There are no such problems with us. Our clients can count on additional support services outside working hours as well as on non-working days.

Remote assistance

Failure on a long business trip? How to deal when we are separated by several thousand kilometers? We use secure remote support technologies. Thanks to this you will not only get faster help, but above all you will receive it wherever you are - in the office, at home or anywhere in the world.

Service quote or additional questions - we'll be happy to answer them!


Transparency of operation

Simple rules - minimum bureaucracy, maximum time savings. Effective communication and information flow, transparent and simple billing system, flat costs - all this makes cooperation easier and more effective.

    Customer panel

    You are interested in the progress of printer repair, or you may want to check which employees reported a computer failure. Now you don't have to ask anyone anything. Thanks to access to a simple and intuitive customer panel, you can view information about:

    • progress in the implementation of applications and works,
    • when, who and what applications he sent
    • who was responsible for their implementation,
    • the number of completed applications,
    • complaints and recommendations

    Per case settlement

    Do you like wasting time on billing and cost verification? We don't like it either. Therefore, our billing system is not based on billing services per hour (for each hour) but on the billing system per case (for each case / notification). Thanks to this, you can be sure that regardless of how long it will take us to process your application, you will always pay the same rate. An additional advantage of such a settlement system is its educational character. Since we do not have to be paid for time but for the effect, the effects must be as soon as possible, and this goes hand in hand with the client's expectations.

    Flat rate fees

    Customers like flat-rate offers so they don't waste time verifying the content of monthly invoices. Therefore, our system prefers flat-rate monthly fees that contain specific service packages. Packages are individually determined and selected to meet the needs of each client. Packages and contracted services can be easily changed.

    Flexible adjustment to needs

    Your IT infrastructure is becoming more and more complex? You are developing a business and its needs are changing? We anticipated it and we have a solution for you. The service contracting model we use enables easy modification of the scope of services provided.

    Modular services

    Our offer is modular - it consists of dozens of different services that can be combined to build an offer tailored to the current needs of the client. Each service is described in detail as to the scope, manner of implementation and related specifics. Thanks to this, our customers do not have to ask themselves questions for what exactly and how much they pay? Thanks to this knowledge, they are able to plan expenses better and consciously change contract parameters depending on their own needs.

    Possibility to change services

    Your company is growing, you are starting a new project, are you planning larger implementations? You don't have to worry about unexpected additional costs. The scope of the contract, the contracted services, their quantity and implementation method can be modified on a monthly basis. We will advise you on what to change to optimize costs and achieve the desired effect.

    Additional optional services

    The name of our product - Comprehensive IT Service, has the word Comprehensive in its name. In addition to strictly IT services, we provide a wide range of additional services such as software as a service (SaaS = Sofware as a Service), hardware as a service (HaaS = Hardware as a Service), cloud backup as a service (BaaS = Backup as a Service) ), services related to the development of GDPR documentation for IT systems and many, periodic stress tests and more.

    Reducing the risk of failures and downtime

    Entrust the infrastructure management to a professional company and get satisfaction from peace of mind. Thanks to specialized tools that we provide free of charge to customers as part of cooperation, we are able to significantly reduce the risk and number of failures, and if it happens, minimize its effects and time of removal.

    We are close to you

    97% of notifications about us are removed remotely. However, once in a while there is a failure requiring our physical presence. Thanks to our dispersed team work policy, we are able to arrange service workers in such a way that the response of the intervention team is carried out in the shortest possible time. Our service technicians are not sent every time from the company's headquarters but from flying off-site locations. In a word - we are close to you.

    365/7/24 constant monitoring

    What to do if a server crash occurs on a Friday to Saturday night? Employees usually see this only on Monday morning. Possible repair and restoration of data may take some time, and time flies, and with it losses.

    To minimize the risk of such situations, our company has an advanced monitoring system for critical elements of IT infrastructure. Arranged in the right places sensors constantly monitor its behavior and work. If an anomaly is detected, an error message is sent to our control panel and an alert is raised. Our employees react immediately by checking what were the reasons for the alarm and in the event of a fault they immediately remove it.

    18 min it's average reaction time

    Not everyone pays attention to reaction time, and it is particularly important when something starts to work incorrectly or worse, there is downtime. CSK boasts an average 18-minute response time. The response time depends on the time of day and the number of applications arriving in parallel. The rule system we use allows us to quickly assign requests to appropriate engineers, which additionally shortens the response time on our part.

    Scale of activity

    Use proven solutions. Serving a large number of customers and reliable and smooth parallel implementation of services has become possible thanks to proven and carefully selected solutions and procedures developed over the years.

    420 manager servers

    We constantly monitor over 420 servers. We keep them in the best possible form, update the software, optimize operations so that our clients can rely on a secure, stable and efficient platform. We also supervise the execution of redundant backups - just in case.

    5000 supported computers

    We provide support for a group of 5000 computers that our clients use. We implement a complex service cycle (logical maintenance) for each computer at least once a week. We also provide post-warranty hardware service for them.

    24 000 helpdesk services

    Annually, we receive approximately 24,000 service requests. 97% of them are implemented remotely, thanks to which customers get support and problem solving without having to wait for the technician to arrive. We make sure that every application is resolved on the same day, unless the customer indicates otherwise.

    Established Trust

    We are aware that the foundation of cooperation is trust in the company you entrust with infrastructure management. Join over 200 companies that have trusted us and benefit from working with us.

    Proactive systems

    We implement clients to actively operate IT infrastructure monitoring systems. It is part of a mature and serious approach to the organization of infrastructure work, often previously marginalized, omitted or not used at all. Procedures and mechanisms to track the state of the IT environment allow you to prepare for problems before they affect your business processes, reduce downtime, detect security threats, and plan deployments and new solutions based on ongoing load analysis.

    200 serviced companies

    Satisfied customers are the foundation of our existence and the goal of our activities. So far, over 200 clients from the Silesian agglomeration and the whole region have trusted us.

    Internal audit

    As part of the implementation of Comprehensive IT Services, we perform an internal audit of IT infrastructure at each client, aimed at determining its current state, identifying weak points that may be relevant for data security, continuity of work efficiency or the comfort of performing activities by users. An audit is also conducted to determine the degree of compliance of the system under assessment with specific standards, norms or best practices in a given field. The audit ends with the preparation of a study in which we describe the state of infrastructure, perceived problems and irregularities, and includes recommendations and recommendations for their removal.

    Service quote or additional questions - we'll be happy to answer them!


    Security and confidentiality

    Trust us and sleep peacefully. IT infrastructure security is a very broad concept that should be considered on many levels. In addition to strictly technical issues, security also includes issues related to confidentiality, scope of responsibility and compliance of the activities performed and solutions used with legal provisions.

    Full confidentiality

    We are able to guarantee our clients full confidentiality in the field of cooperation. Our agreements have appropriate clauses regulating these issues as well as relating to provisions related to trade secrets as defined in the 2018 update. to the Act on combating unfair competition.

    Civil liability insurance policy

    Our services are covered by a very high liability insurance policy, which guarantees our clients maximum protection, incomparable with other IT solutions. It is also important that we never had to take out an insurance policy in this regard.

    GDPR compliance

    Our activities are consistent in the GDPR * both in the field of data administration as well as in the implementation of entrusting the processing of personal data. According to the Act ** and the Regulation *, our activities related to data protection are taken into account at the design stage of IT infrastructure solutions. We have ready-made solutions enabling the provision of appropriate technical and organizational measures in this area. We prepare and update relevant documentation.

    * Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation )

    In accordance with art. 99 of the General Data Protection Regulation, the Regulation has been applicable since May 25, 2018.

    ** Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 2018 item 1000)

    Comprehensive cooperation

    Thanks to the complexity of our services, you do not have to waste time looking for other suppliers and sources for what is necessary for proper and continuous work. When providing IT services for companies, we provide our customers with the necessary IT equipment, software, service packages, cloud services as well as accessories and consumables.


    Do you need a server, data space or maybe advanced network devices? All this you will find in our offer. We provide solutions from the world's largest producers, such as Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Cisco, APC. You will find everything that is necessary to build a professional Data Center, secure network and trusted backup system. You will also find computers for your employees, consumables and accessories with us. Thanks to cooperation with the largest distributors, our offer includes tens of thousands of products.

    Cloud services

    Upgrade your Data Center by migrating and using cloud services. Use the subscription fee system instead of buying your own infrastructure. If you do not have enough space for a server room or you need a smaller but scalable solution, cloud services are the perfect solution for your company.

    Or maybe you are looking for ready-made solutions (applications) running on external servers or simply software billed in the subscription option. You will find it all in our offer.


    Our services would not be possible without the software. We offer system software (server and computer operating systems), virtualization software (Microsoft, Vmware), general purpose application software (Office, Office 365, Adobe), malware protection software (antivirus programs) and backup systems (Veeam).

    All information in one place

    For your convenience, we have gathered all the information related to our cooperation in one place. Thanks to this solution, you gain faster communication and you have access to information on the progress of work and to statistics of completed applications at any time.

    Convenient notification system

    The service request system is built to facilitate your cooperation with us. You can send service requests in several ways (panel / form / mail / sms) from any device. If you do not like to write, you can dictate your application. During the implementation of the work you will be constantly informed about the progress of the application. And if it turns out that you need to make a complaint (which happens very rarely), then you will do it with one click.

    Authorization of notifications

    Thanks to the authorization of applications you will maintain full control over what is happening in your company. Our system provides that each user can contact us with their problem. However, in some cases, the implementation of the notification requires specific decision-making and, consequently, authorization by an authorized person in your company. The system we use requires a minimum of interference on your part, but at the same time no changes will be made without your knowledge and consent.

    Information on progress

    Thanks to access to the customer panel, you can access information about the applications sent to us, the progress of their implementation or the result of their implementation, at any time and from any place. Thanks to the built-in statistics, two mouse clicks are enough for you to know who and what requests were sent and which of our employees processed them. You also have access to reports that are waiting for your decision regarding approval and choice of implementation method.

    Service quote or additional questions - we'll be happy to answer them!


    IT solutions that change the face of business

    IT solutions - we will provide you with industry-recognized and proven solutions for building your IT infrastructure in the hardware, system, network, security and virtualization layers. Our offer is a response to the most urgent and current problems of the companies that come to us. For the same reason, the offer is constantly updated to properly respond to new expectations of our current and future customers and to keep up with changes in technologies. Not without significance is the experience and competences that we develop with each year of our activity, which result in the fact that we not only know how to help, but also how to do it optimally.

    IT equipment

    We provide your company with virtually every device for building your IT infrastructure. Regardless of whether they will be complex servers working in a cluster, efficient mass storage, advanced devices for building and securing the network, or maybe ordinary workstations, computers, notebooks and other accompanying devices - you will find it all in one place. Our added value and what distinguishes it from the competition is that together with the equipment we provide advanced services, ranging from: design services including the analysis of environmental performance needs, selection of appropriate device configuration parameters, design optimization, selection of appropriate hardware licenses, service packages, through support in the implementation, installation, configuration and launching of the solution, up to post-implementation care, support for IT specialists, environment optimization and support in removing potential post-implementation problems.

    In our offer you will find the following types and models of equipment:

    • tower and rack servers (Dell EMC, Fujitsu)
    • HPC servers: blade, blade (Dell EMC, Fujitsu)
    • mass storage systems (Dell EMC, Fujitsu, Sylology, QNAP)
    • backup systems (Dell EMC, Fujitsu, Barracuda Backup, Synology)
    • emergency power supply (APC, Fujitsu, Eaton)
    • network devices (Dell, Brocade, Ubiquiti, Cisco)
    • server and network rack (Fujitsu)
    • network protection systems (Fortinet, Stormshiled)
    • workstations (Dell, Fujitsu)
    • desktop and portable computers (Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP)
    • rugged class equipment (computers for working in difficult environmental conditions and for special tasks
    • printers, scanners and multifunction devices (HP, Epson, Oki, Fujitsu)
    • mobile devices (tablets)
    • subassemblies and components for the development of servers and computers
    • accessories
    • network cabling
    • consumables


    In addition to our entire offer, the supplement is:

    • hardware licenses extending device functions
    • licenses for technical support (support)
    • service packages extending the warranty
    • renewal of the license for updates for a network protection device (UTM)


    An IT solution is usually the sum of hardware, software and possibly cloud services. In this structure there are also intermediate elements such as the virtualization layer, system layer, properly configured environment responsible for user authentication and access to resources, as well as network and communication service management systems. In practice, it is the safety, stability and performance of the entire solution that depend on the proper selection and configuration of these elements. We offer software solutions based on a broad portfolio of software producers from companies such as Microsoft, VMware. In terms of the virtualization layer, we design and build solutions based on individual physical hosts as well as more extensive high availability (HA) and business continuity (FT) environments, consisting of at least several physical hosts. Solutions are built based on the Microsoft virtualizer (Hyper-v) as well as based on the VMware virtualizer (vSphere). In the field of system platforms, we rely mainly on Microsoft Server solutions in the entire palette of roles that this operating system can implement with a particular focus on professional implementation of Active Directory services. As regards the application layer, we implement solutions based on SQL servers, Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Yammer and solutions based on the Office suite.

    As part of IT solutions for business, we provide software in the field of:

    • Operating systems for servers and workstations (Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows)
    • Server access licenses
    • Virtualization of server systems (Microsoft Hyper-V, Vmware)
    • Database systems (Microsoft SQL)
    • Antivirus protection
    • Office packages
    • Specjalistyczno-Stakeholders
    • Data security and replication
    • Remote access
    • Management and auditing of resources

    Cloud solutions

    Key Cloud Solutions

    Cloud computing is the provision of computing services - servers, storage, databases, networks, software, analyzes, etc. - via the Internet. This is a big change in the traditional way of thinking about IT resources in enterprises and institutions. Most cloud services fall into one of three general categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) or software as a service (SaaS). These categories are called cloud computing because they extend each other's capabilities. Knowing what these categories are and what makes them different makes it easier to achieve business goals.

    Why the cloud

    The cloud and cloud services are the future of IT, using it gives enterprises many benefits. Here are some of the undeniable advantages of the cloud:

    • Cost - the cloud eliminates investment related to purchases. Cloud computing eliminates capital expenditure related to the purchase of hardware and software as well as configuration and operation of local data centers - racks full of servers, electricity necessary for power and cooling, IT specialists managing infrastructure.
    • Speed ​​- any resources available within minutes. Most cloud computing services are handled independently and made available on demand, so even huge amounts of resources can be provided in a few minutes (usually just a few mouse clicks). Thanks to this, enterprises are very flexible and do not have to plan capacity.
    • Flexibility - the possibilities of freely increasing and decreasing services.
    • Global scale - one of the benefits of using cloud computing services is the ability to scale flexibly. In the cloud language, this means providing the right amount of IT resources, e.g. more or less computing power, storage or bandwidth, exactly when needed, and from the right geographical location.
    • Security - data is replicated in several locations and between data centers.
    • Data protection - data centers on EU territory operate in accordance with EU law.
    • Productivity - the elimination of tedious hardware-related activities. Local data centers typically require a lot of work - configuring hardware, installing software patches, and performing other time-consuming day-to-day activities necessary to manage IT infrastructure. By using cloud computing, you don't have to do many of these activities, which allows IT teams to address their more important business goals.
    • Performance - lower network latency and greater economies of scale with the latest generation of equipment. The largest cloud computing services operate in a global network of secure data centers, in which fast and efficient equipment of the latest generation is regularly installed. This provides several benefits over a single corporate data center, including less network latency and greater economies of scale.
    • Reliability - easier backups, disaster recovery and business continuity. Cloud computing simplifies backup, disaster recovery and business continuity, and reduces their cost, because data can be mirrored in many redundant locations on the cloud provider's network.
    • Accountability - cost and payment control only for resources actually used.

    Dell solutions

    Dell EMC is our priority supplier, mainly due to the comprehensive and advanced offer of enterprise-class solutions, including servers, arrays, networks, data protection and backup. Thanks to Dell EMC technologies, we help clients achieve goals faster and more effectively than before. The Dell brand and the EMC brand are recognizable trademarks that have gained recognition and trust of customers over the years.

    Priority partnership

    Dell EMC is our priority supplier, mainly due to the comprehensive and advanced offer of enterprise-class solutions, including servers, arrays, networks, data protection and backup. Thanks to Dell EMC technologies, we help clients achieve goals faster and more effectively than before. The Dell brand and the EMC brand are recognizable trademarks that have gained recognition and trust of customers over the years. Currently, the Dell + EMC merger has created a new brand Dell EMC, whose products complement each other and whose offer is a synergistic combination of the best features and functionality of existing products. We are convinced that thanks to Dell EMC's combined offer, we will be able to offer clients comprehensive IT solutions that will enable them to build more secure and efficient resources for their organizations even more effectively.

    Fujitsu solutions

    Fujitsu is our strategic partner and offers a wide selection of advanced hardware solutions for IT. Based on Fujitsu Enterprise class solutions, we provide infrastructure design services for servers, arrays and backup devices. Fujitsu products are delivered to our clients directly for their own use as well as the basis for the implementation of many advanced services from our portfolio.

    Strategic partnership

    Fujitsu is our strategic partner and offers a wide selection of advanced hardware solutions for IT. Based on Fujitsu Enterprise class solutions, we provide infrastructure design services for servers, arrays and backup devices. Fujitsu products are delivered to our clients directly for their own use as well as the basis for the implementation of many advanced services from our portfolio.

    Fortigate solutions

    Fortinet is one of the largest providers of solutions in the field of ICT security and network support. The most famous product is the FortiGate family of security devices that effectively combine many cybersecurity functions. The Fortinet FortiGate Unified Threat Management (UTM) family of solutions includes many security modules, including a firewall, intrusion protection, Web filtering, and protection against malware and unwanted email. It contains products for small businesses and branches, as well as large enterprises, data centers and Internet providers.

    You need a quote or advice on choosing a solution - we look forward to hearing from you


    Advanced IT services

    Are you planning a large implementation or migration and need support? Do you want to check if your infrastructure is secure, properly organized and configured? Are you implementing an investment and want to check if it is optimal in terms of your needs? Or maybe you want to implement a high availability (HA) or error tolerance (FT) cluster? You may be able to do it all by yourself, but professional and experienced help will make it not only faster, but above all without many mistakes that could result in project failure and a waste of time and resources. Familiarize yourself with the most popular advanced IT services that we provide for customers. Read more

    Advanced IT services

    Observing the development of information technology, it can be easily seen that each year the number and complexity of IT systems used increases. At the same time, never before has the organization's activity been so dependent on an efficient, functional and, most importantly, secure IT infrastructure. The successful investment and organizational development, rapidly changing market expectations and formal requirements mean that new solutions must be implemented faster and faster, because the success of the entire enterprise depends on it. Increasingly, we meet with a situation where the client expects from his IT specialist or IT department to implement the solution in the shortest possible time. Meanwhile, market insight, the need to learn about new technologies, product testing and cognition, and possible subsequent implementations usually take too much time and resources. In addition, the increasing complexity of IT solutions, and above all their number, already exceeds the perception capabilities of a single person. A typical IT project usually includes problem definition, goal definition, needs analysis, identification of already existing hardware and software resources, recognition of the current market offer, matching of performance parameters, analysis of optimal software licensing methods, purchasing, implementation of the solution, correct configuration, learning of service and service operational. To avoid over-long projects, errors and overestimated investments, organizations are increasingly relying on the knowledge and experience of specialized entities entrusting them with the preparation, running and implementation of a project.

    Why use our services:

    • Because we have a broad knowledge of the market, and without the right resources, forces, resources and time, a single organization is not able to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the solutions available on the market.
    • Because we have unique value in the form of experience built thanks to the implementation of hundreds of projects over 28 years of our activity. We know what to look for. We know what elements are most often omitted in the design and during implementation. We want to share this knowledge with our clients.
    • Because we have unique tools, configurators, technological calculators that allow us to choose solutions at the design stage that will fully meet the needs of customers without risk.
    • Because thanks to us you can save time usually spent searching for the right solution by repeated trials and errors, its in-depth analysis, trial implementations and learning to use.
    • Because we focus not only on technology but also legal aspects and regulations related to the construction and operation of IT infrastructure.
    • Because we have a team of experienced IT engineers and sales specialists well-versed in modern technologies.
    • Because we limit the risk of wrong choice of technology, which after the fact may prove to be insufficiently secure, insufficiently stable, without the possibility of expansion and completely not meeting the initial assumptions.
    • Because thanks to cooperation with us, customers can focus on their core business without losing valuable time on matters related to IT development, security, troubleshooting and downtime related to failures.
    • Because we significantly reduce the risk level of unsuccessful investments and subsequent time losses related to the operation of unsightly solutions.
    • Because we guarantee our full availability and speed of service.
    • Because cooperation with us, calculated for an optimal infrastructure development strategy, results in a conscious and fuller use of our infrastructure, which directly translates into increased competitiveness, reduced investment costs, transparent control of service and usage costs, increased work efficiency and increased safety.

    Infrastructure design

    Infrastructure Design - the service concerns the design of IT solutions, construction, modernization and development of infrastructure in the field of network, hardware, storage, backup, virtualization layer, system and application layer. The service includes the selection of specific devices with appropriately selected technical parameters taking into account the specific needs of the customer or a given solution. Based on the right tools such as calculators for IT solutions and specialized configurators, we are able to optimally choose the parameters of specific solutions so that at the lowest price they meet the requirements set by our customers in the best possible way, without forgetting the possibilities of possible future expansion in the event that such need.

    Our competences include the implementation of projects in the field of:

    • Designing infrastructure for entire server rooms, individual server racks as well as individual elements of the Data Center infrastructure,
    • High availability systems and error tolerance systems based on virtual environments,
    • Designing configurations for disk or diskless servers based on classic tower / rack server solutions as well as based on Blade server architecture or modular servers in a node-based architecture,
    • Calculation of server parameters for specific customer expectations or requirements planned to implement the system and application platform,
    • Designing mass storage systems both in terms of individual devices as well as taking into account hardware replication and building mass storage clusters,
    • Building a system from backup and data retention systems, designing SAN networks to handle traffic between server systems and mass storage systems,
    • building reliable local networks using full redundancy of devices,
    • designing local networks designed to support diverse network traffic and network services,
    • wide area wireless network systems using advanced authentication,
    • local area network protection solutions,
    • selection of solutions based on cloud resources and hybrid solutions,
    • complex systems of secure communication between company branches,
    • emergency power supply systems for the server room and the entire building,
    • intelligent server room monitoring systems including local and remote monitoring, monitoring of environmental parameters, fire safety, alarm systems, video monitoring and remote control of environmental parameters.

    Within each project we implement:

    • audit of the current state of IT infrastructure,
    • analysis of current or planned load and critical performance parameters,
    • analysis of customer needs, development plans for the company and infrastructure, planned budgets and other conditions that may have a significant impact on the overall project,
    • selection of optimal solutions in the field of hardware, software, cloud services and configuration parameters,
    • solution valuation taking into account many optional parameters,
    • preparation of technical documentation and reports,
    • implementation supervision including implementation preparation, possible solution migration, training for users, post-implementation supervision, operational helpdesk.

    Why is it worth entrusting us with an infrastructure project:

    • We are an authorized partner of producers of hardware, software and cloud service providers, thanks to which we have the best current knowledge about current offer and market novelties as well as introduced and planned changes in IT technologies.
    • Our engineers take part in periodic specialist and product training, and enrich the acquired knowledge with practical experience from implemented projects and implementations.
    • We have a competent technical department, which translates into a wide range of specializations with which we can support our clients.
    • We pay special attention to issues related to the stability, security and continuity of work of the offered solutions.
    • We save huge amounts of time usually wasted on independent study of the market offer.
    • Thanks to access to detailed technical documentation of manufacturers, we ensure that the solution offered will be complete and will work as expected.
    • We have at our disposal unique tools in the form of configurators, technical calculators and compliance tables that allow us to verify the technical and functional parameters of the designed solution.
    • Our activities can be supported directly by the engineers of the solution's manufacturer.
    • We have the possibility to rent selected models of demonstration equipment for testing.
    • Our offer includes not only deliveries but above all a complete package of services related to the subject of the project.
    • Projects are carried out free of charge as part of marketing activities or in the event that our company implements the investment that is the subject of the project.
    • Design services provided by our company include both the design of new infrastructure as well as the extension or modernization of the existing one.
    • We have extensive references regarding the largest or most advanced projects that we have completed recently.

    IT audits

    IT audits - the service includes a full review of the IT infrastructure in terms of analysis of potential risk sources. Risks related to business continuity, potential security gaps, network and active device protection systems, data backup and retention systems, server configuration, mass storage and network devices, compliance with GDPR requirements related to personal data protection, resource access procedures, etc. are verified. The result of the service is a full report on the state of infrastructure together with a set of recommendations and recommendations taking into account the current state as well as the plans and expectations of the client. The IT audit is carried out free of charge for all new clients who start cooperation with us in the field of Comprehensive IT Service.

    Migration and implementation

    Migration and implementation - the service applies to both the migration process, i.e. moving systems from old hardware and software platforms to new platforms, as well as implementation, i.e. building complex solutions from scratch, covering at least hardware and software. The service includes a detailed analysis of the planned implementation, taking into account the needs and specificity of the client, the design phase including costs and work schedule, the implementation phase and post-implementation care for unexpected situations that usually accompany revolutionary changes in the technologies used. The undoubted benefit is that migration services can take place using cloud services, thanks to which we minimize the risk of both planned and unplanned downtime.


    Virtualization - the service applies to the creation of virtual environments based on both a single physical host as well as created in the version of a high-availability cluster or a continuous availability cluster. The service includes the design phase during which the current environment is analyzed and hardware and software solutions are selected, the execution phase includes migration of previously used physical or virtual servers and installation of new virtual servers, implementation of the central console, preparation of backup and technical documentation. The benefits of virtualization have been known for a number of years and include reduced risk and downtime, independence from the hardware layer, more efficient resource management, flexibility in performing updates and servicing servers, and more.

    HA and FT clusters

    Each element of IT infrastructure is just hardware and with a lower or higher probability it can always break down. A common rule in the design of IT solutions, which we strongly adhere to is to ask not about whether a given element will break down, but about when it will happen and what will happen then. The IT infrastructure is modular, where all critical elements are combined into one chain. As in other areas, the weakest link determines the quality and efficiency of the chain. Failure of one of the critical elements of infrastructure causes its complete immobilization or serious inability to use its functionality. Therefore, we are dealing with a classic SPOF (Single Point of Failure) solution. The only, and at the same time proven solution in this type of cases is to prepare a backup solution (Failover) that will be able to take on the functionality of the damaged element. Solutions of this type are redundant (redundant) solutions, very often combined into a cluster (uniform whole), which offers specific functions. For example, by connecting two servers working in parallel, we can create a cluster, under which failure of a single, physical server will not disable this critical element. Depending on the time of running the backup solution and the speed of switching tasks performed by the damaged element to a functional element, we can deal with a HA (High Avaliability) cluster where switching takes a shorter or longer time or an FT Tolerantion fault tolerance cluster ), where the switch-off interval is either absent or short enough that it is not noticeable for working systems, applications and users. For obvious reasons, critical infrastructure elements that affect work continuity are most often clustered, such as servers, mass storage, uninterruptible power supply, network devices (with appropriate network topology), edge protection devices, etc.

    System solutions

    System solutions - The service includes designing and building ready platforms in layers: virtualization, system and application. The service is based on a broad portfolio of software producers from companies such as Microsoft, VMware. In terms of virtualization layer We design and build solutions based on individual physical hosts as well as more extensive high availability and business continuity environments, consisting of at least several physical hosts. Solutions are built based on the Microsoft virtualizer (Hyper-v) as well as based on the VMware virtualizer (vSphere). In the field of system platforms, we rely mainly on Microsoft Server solutions in the entire palette of roles that this operating system can implement with a particular focus on professional implementation of Active Directory. As regards the application layer, we implement solutions based on SQL servers, Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Yammer and solutions based on the Office suite.


    Local provider of global solutions

    CSK is a successful company operating on the IT market, specializing in providing comprehensive IT solutions covering primarily a wide range of advanced services related to implementation, security and operational support (IT Outsourcing) as well as the equipment, software and cloud services accompanying our services.

    Get to know us

    Centrum Systemów Komputerowych (CSK) has been operating since 1992, specializing in providing comprehensive IT solutions including hardware, software, cloud services and a wide range of advanced services related to implementation, security and operational services (IT Outsourcing).

    From the beginning, our offer was directed to the sector of enterprises and institutions. Over the years, together with our clients, we have achieved many successes by implementing new solutions that have made their operations more effective, increased competitiveness, functionality and capabilities, all while maintaining the highest IT security standards.


    Our many years of experience gained during the implementation of hundreds of projects, a competent team of IT engineers, cooperation with leading global solution producers, and above all, active listening and analysis of our clients' needs have enabled us to comprehensively implement increasingly complex IT projects and provide direct support for specialists starting from the phase of analyzing business needs, through the design phase, supply logistics, implementation, training, to subsequent post-implementation and operational supervision. Regardless of whether our client is a company from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector or the IT department of a large company, we always put emphasis on the highest standards of service, individual approach, and comprehensive analysis of the solution. Our clients are both domestic and international companies with local branches in our country.

    Area of activity

    We operate throughout Poland, although some of the services, such as Comprehensive IT Service (IT Outsourcing) and the operation of IT systems, due to the quick response time and the related need for our regular and frequent presence at the customer, are provided only in provinces : Silesia, Lesser Poland and Opole. In the field of designing IT solutions and their implementation, we are able to provide services throughout the country as well as (remotely) for customers within the European Union.

    Our mission and priority

    Our priority is professionalism, customer satisfaction and trust, which are necessary to build contacts that result in long-term business relationships.

    Our mission is to provide our clients with responsible, competent and professional optimized, comprehensive IT solutions covering necessary hardware, software, cloud services and related design and implementation services as well as subsequent operational care.

    Our goals are:

    • Building long-term business relationships with current and new clients based on trust and satisfaction.
    • Constantly increasing our competences and raising indicators of service quality and customer satisfaction.
    • Active tracking of the market and trends in technology development as well as updating the offer of services and solutions offered, so that their palette comprehensively meets the current and future needs of our clients.
    • Building the image of a responsible technology company based on knowledge and experience and involved in increasing the security and optimization of our clients' operations based on IT solutions.
    • As a consequence, the creation of a highly specialized, technological service company with a strong market position that can meet the future challenges posed by our clients and which can offer valuable and valued IT solutions.

    Why us?



    We are aware that the basis for successful cooperation and prospective business building is shaping lasting business relationships, which is why our priority is to work in an atmosphere based on mutual trust. We build the trust of our clients step by step by honoring traditional values: honesty in action, reliability in the performance of work, professionalism in the scope of advice given, patience in recognizing the nature of reported problems, understanding of the conditions in which the project is carried out, confidentiality of entrusted information, openness to suggestions and attention, flexibility in the approach to the conditions of cooperation.

    skuteczna obsługa informatyczna firm


    We carefully analyze the client's problems and needs, adding up his visions and expectations. we carry out our own security and configuration audits of the existing Infrastructure, and then we design and tailor software solutions and cloud services to best meet the needs presented. Each proposal is analyzed in detail, not only in terms of purchase and maintenance costs, but primarily in terms of security, possible future expansion, impact on other areas of the client's business as well as compliance with applicable laws and good practice rules.

    helpdesk informatyczny 24h


    Cooperation with our clients requires constant contact and exchange of information. A professional service request and helpdesk system operating 24 hours a day is responsible for this. Thanks to it, clients have the opportunity to submit reports in a form convenient for them, thanks to which they save time, have full insight into the progress of ongoing works and access to the system for reporting services performed. The helpdesk system that we have prepared for our clients is synonymous with solutions used by such corporations as: IBM, Lufthansa, Philips. Thanks to this solution, our engineers, administrators and service technicians are able to process tens of thousands of requests per year and the average response time is at most a dozen or so minutes.

    informatycy, serwisanci, administratorzy bezpieczeństwa


    A team of experienced IT engineers, service technicians, security administrators and servers putting the professional approach to the customer and the implementation of assigned tasks first. The team's competences are confirmed both by references issued to us by satisfied customers, as well as by certificates and authorization granted by our suppliers and partners.

    profesjonalna obsługa it


    Quality built on the one hand based on many years of experience and on the other hand on the continuous improvement of engineers' competence. We are well aware that the knowledge acquired during the Courses and trainings is not everything. The skills of practical use of this knowledge and conscious use in such a way that the prepared solution fully meets the needs of the user of the law are important. In addition, it is safe and stable.

    firma it


    25 years of presence in the IT technology industry, hundreds of completed projects, each successfully carried out project is new experiences and further opportunities to carry out the next. Each subsequent project taught us something new thanks to which we are open and ready for new challenges. We have extensive interdisciplinary knowledge about information technologies, business processes, organizational conditions, financing and solving the most common problems occurring in the implementation of new solutions.

    kompleksowa obsługa informatyczna


    We successfully combine ready-made products such as hardware and software with design, implementation, training and operational care services, thanks to which our client can afford the comfort of cooperation with only one company in the entire spectrum of the implemented project.

    satysfakcja klienta


    The determinant of the value of our work is the long-term customer satisfaction that is the result of a well-chosen solution, satisfaction with the level of service, increased competitiveness, comfort at work, user productivity and a sense of security and peace.

    bezpieczeństwo informatyczne


    We offer priceless peace of mind, obtainable thanks to our experience in estimating and controlling the risks associated with the use of IT infrastructure. Currently, the activity of each organization is based on the use of increasingly complex and interconnected IT systems. Security issues should be considered on a number of levels including, but not limited to, authorized data access, Data security for circumstance or loss, security for IT systems, data transmission, uncontrolled leakage, content control, resistance to attack attempts, and malware. through issues related to legal regulations - using the software in accordance with licenses, compliance of systems with personal data protection regulations, Up to issues related to power security, fire protection and physical protection of equipment. In practice, safety management boils down to comprehensive risk management by identifying the possible sources of individual threats, estimating the probability of their occurrence, assessing their effects and related possible losses, and to take specific preventive measures in the form of technical and organizational measures whose application is agreed with the client rational from a technical and economic point of view.

    CSK in numbers

    27 years

    on the market of advanced IT services

    We can say with full conviction that we are a company with longer experience, which means that our clients giving us their IT services can count on a proven and reliable partner with an established market position.


    completed IT projects

    We support our clients throughout the entire process of new IT projects, from concept, design and selection of solutions, delivery performance, implementation, to subsequent support in maintenance, service and operation.

    180 years

    is the sum of experience of our team

    Useful competence is knowledge supported by practice. The total experience of our technical team is over 180 years of experience with IT. It is a baggage of experiences that we gladly share with our clients. We support our clients throughout the entire process of new IT projects, from the concept, through the design and selection of solutions, delivery performance, implementation, to subsequent support in maintenance, service and operation.


    constantly satisfied customers

    We operate massively, which allows us to offer high quality services at a reasonable price.

    obsługa informatyczna śląsk

    we operate regionally

    Our clients are not only the Silesian agglomeration. We also provide comprehensive IT services for customers from neighboring provinces, and we provide advanced implementations and IT solutions projects throughout the country.


    specialization in advanced IT

    Our main specializations are servers, storage, backup, network protection, virtualization, networks, clusters, cloud services and related services. We have a number of certificates issued by manufacturers and confirming the acquired competences.


    distribution agreement

    We want to provide our clients with the best solutions, matching them to specific needs. For this purpose, we are not limited to only one manufacturer. We have a number of distribution agreements that allow us to offer a really wide range of hardware and software.

    24 thousand

    of service requests per year

    To efficiently serve our clients, we have implemented a number of solutions that automate work and organize communication with users. Thanks to this, no information is lost, and our technical department is able to handle tens of thousands of applications annually.

    18 min

    is the team’s average response time

    Time is money, especially when a user has encountered a problem or failure. The average reaction time of our technical department to the received notification is 18 minutes.


    systematically managed servers

    As part of constant cooperation, our clients receive advanced systems that constantly monitor servers, detect anomalies and report it to our headquarters in the event of an incident. Thanks to this, we can find out about the defect much earlier than the user informs us.


    of supported users

    Every day, we help solve hundreds of problems ranging from hardware failures, through operating systems, to networks, applications and cloud services.


    technical department employees

    A large team is a guarantee of availability, competence and comprehensiveness of services rendered.

    6 person

    competence teams

    Our customers value the intimate atmosphere of service, which is why we assign a dedicated 6-person team to each customer, including service technicians, IT specialists and administrators.

    5 km

    always close to our customers

    We are always close to our clients thanks to our decentralization policy and systems designed for distributed work. So close to be able to arrive quickly if the nature of the application will require it.


    engineering and technological certificates

    Our employees constantly improve their qualifications by participating in internal and external trainings, most of which end with industry recognized competence certificates.


    Competences and partners

    Our competences were created on the basis of certified trainings and many years of experience and are built on the basis of the needs of our clients as well as inseparable from technologies that we offer as part of partnership with large global suppliers such as Microsoft, VMware, Dell-EMC, Fujitsu, Cisco, Ubiquiti.


    We have a number of authorizations resulting both from the volume of solutions provided as well as from the complexity of implemented implementations. As part of our authorizations, we can boast of specializations in the field of server solutions (including blade servers), storage solutions (matrix), solutions for backup, virtualization, building high availability clusters and continuous availability clusters, both in the field of server solutions and mass storage.

    The IT industry is characterized by extremely fast development, evolution of solutions and technical improvements introduced to the offered solutions. That is why we try to make our offer fully comprehensive and cover the widest possible range of products, services and solutions that will be useful to our clients. Strategic partnerships, product lines and authorizations concern only the main core of our offer and do not exhaust its full portfolio.


    Our competences are confirmed by references issued to us by our clients regarding large and complex implementations and deliveries, as well as high positions in the rankings of partner suppliers of hardware and software solutions.



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    Oszustwa w sieci, zagrożone transakcje internetowe. Oszuści podszywają się pod potencjalnych kupujących. Podobny mechanizm działania mają oszuści działający na popularnej platformie handlowej OLX – więcej szczegółow tutaj. Najcześciej oszuści udają zainteresowanych zakupem wystawionych na sprzedaż produktów, za pośrednictwem popularnego komunikatora zadaje pytanie, czy oferta jest nadal aktualna. Jeśli zdecydujemy się na zawarcie z nimi transakcji […]

    28.06.2021 Flubot na Android – nowe zagrożenie dla smartfonów

    Flubot na Android – nowe zagrożenie dla smartfonów. Nowa odmiana złośliwego oprogramowania Flubot atakującego smartfony z systemem operacyjnym Android. Napastnicy dystrybuują malware wysyłając do potencjalnych ofiar SMS-y. Flubot, znany też jako Cabassous, jest trojanem bankowym. Cyberprzestępcy wykorzystują spam SMS do dostarczania złośliwego oprogramowania, imitującego popularne programy bankowe czy też firmy spedycyjne. Flubot kradnie z zainfekowanych smartfonów […]

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    Are you looking for an interesting, developmental and well-paid job - check what positions we are currently recruiting for. Current ads can also be found on the OLX.pl website in the Work section and on Infopraca.pl. Before sending documents, be sure to read the information regarding compliance with the GDPR's information obligation regarding the recruitment process.

    Are you looking for an interesting and developmental job? Would you like to join our team? Check if we're looking for you!

    09.07.2021 Informatyk – Pracownik pionu Helpdesk | csk.com.pl

    Czy wiesz, że pracując w Centrum Systemów Komputerowych możesz stać się specjalistą IT – najlepszym w swojej klasie?   Mamy wizję,  cel oraz narzędzia aby tworzyć przyszłość dostarczając zaawansowane rozwiązania i usługi IT, takie jak: serwery, macierze, backup, sieci, klastry, wirtualizacja, usługi chmury jak też usługi outsourcingu IT.  Szukamy energicznych i zaangażowanych osób, które razem z […]

    09.07.2021 Informatyk – Pracownik pionu serwisu IT | csk.com.pl

    Czy wiesz, że pracując w Centrum Systemów Komputerowych możesz stać się specjalistą IT – najlepszym w swojej klasie? Mamy wizję, cel oraz narzędzia aby tworzyć przyszłość dostarczając zaawansowane rozwiązania i usługi IT, takie jak: serwery, macierze, backup, sieci, klastry, wirtualizacja, usługi chmury jak też usługi outsourcingu IT. Szukamy energicznych i zaangażowanych osób, które razem z […]

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